Calendar of Major Public Events of Lumbee Tribe in 1997

Photo of Fall Powwow

LRDA sponsors and supports many educational, cultural, and recreational activities. The Annual Lumbee Homecoming Festival is held in late June/ early July and includes many activities to celebrate the culture and accomplishments of the Lumbee Tribe.

LRDA also sponsors two annual Powwows held in the fall in Pembroke and in the spring in Lumberton. Thousands of people enjoy educational and entertaining programs during these events. These events provide excellent opportunities for Indian people to showcase their arts and culture and for Indian artists to market and sell their products.

Visitors are cordially invited and welcome to participate in the following major events sponsored by the Lumbee tribe:

Lumbee Spring Powwow, May 9 to 11, 1997
Robeson County Fairgrounds
Lumberton, N.C.

Lumbee Homecoming Festival, June 29 to July 5, 1997
Various locations
Pembroke, N.C.

Lumbee Fall Powwow, October 10 to 12, 1997
N.C. Indian Cultural Center
Pembroke, N.C.

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