Global Union of Indian counterfeit banknotes burst, 2 detained

The Delhi Police Special Cell has dismantled a Dubai-based international syndicate of counterfeit Indian banknotes with the arrest of its two members from the Sarai Kale Khan area of ​​Delhi.

Fine quality counterfeit Indian currency notes (FICN) of Rs 4 lakhs were recovered from the accused, identified as Mohammad Jakir and Kamre Alam, who also circulated counterfeit Indian banknotes in Delhi NCR on the instructions of ‘a man based in Dubai.

The amount recovered was in denominations of 100 and 200 rupees, police said.

According to Sanjeev Kumar Yadav, Deputy Police Commissioner (DCP), Special Cell, in recent months, information has been received by sources about an FICN union led by a Dubai-based person named Sariq alias Sata.

“Sariq is involved in the circulation of FICN to Delhi-NCR in large quantities. But through surveillance and tracking skills, our team found out that the FICN racket is operated by Jakir and Alam in Delhi NCR towards Dubai based Sariq, ”DCP said.

“On August 20, the police team was informed that an FICN delivery would take place near Sarai Kale Khan here. A trap was set and during the late evening hours Zakir who supplied FICN to Delhi and NCR was apprehended with a total FICN of Rs. Four lakhs, ”the DCP said.

“Later, his partner, Kamre Alam, was also apprehended in Sambhal in Uttar Pradesh. During questioning, it was further revealed that the union was led by Dubai-based Sariq who has ties to Pakistan, ”the DCP said.

“Sariq is the linchpin of the sata gang that steals luxury cars in Delhi-NCR and other states. He is implicated in over 50 cases of auto theft, robbery, dacoity, Gunda Act, NSA, etc. After moving to Dubai, in addition to operating a gang of motor vehicle thieves, he also started doing business with FICN, ”DCP said.

“At his direction, counterfeit Indian coins are circulating in Delhi NCR and other states by the accused Kamre Alam and Zakir. They exchanged these counterfeit notes for original Indian banknotes at the rate of Rs 60 for Rs 100 FICN ”, declared the DCP.

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